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11/12/2010 / Lynn Rabbitts

The Great Communicators’ Subjectivity

Attempt three by one h Richter to summit the hill of Subjectivity, this time with the help of The Great Communicators. God willing, this time it will stick.

This was a difficult subject matter to cover in their time allotted, but they did an admirable job. They brought up the complexity of the matter with the movie Million Dollar Baby where the actress Hillary Swank broke-out of the normal ideology of what a woman   “is” by portraying a female boxer. The Great Communicators used this to portray her as masculine, straight to the point. Then brought in a real life reference of Mike Tyson, and how he used the defense of a woman being overly masculine for his need to rape her.

They next talked about how  repetition produces normality within the system, and how subjectivity works towards conformity making something into a commodity. Essentially letting others become good.

They alluded to the next chapter of speech genres, by stating things people do or say, their actions, can be heard and understood, because it’s tangible, not psychoanalytical.

Finally they brought up how subjectivity is completely individual, and how there are certain things that grow and change even within an individual over  time. Society spends much of their time attempting to understand the subjectivity of others. If you understand it from somebody else you are capable of swaying their opinion  by playing off of this.

This is why, as the Great Communicators put it, it is important to understand yourself, what you find meaningful.


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