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08/12/2010 / Lynn Rabbitts

Review of Invisiweb’s Ideology “Presentation”

In a disgusting display of negligence Invisiweb attempted to portray “Ideology”. While both kudos and congratulations should be lauded upon both Mr. Chris Nielsen and Mr. Arthur Stone, Mr. H Richter failed miserably in his portion of the presentation.

The group termed their creative process as being organic, moving first from a media sample from The Onion and comparing and contrasting its ideology with that of a more reputable new’s source, a move towards goldmine of The Man Your Man Could Smell Like advert from Old Spice.

While Mr. Stone and Mr. Nielsen stayed on point, it was Mr. Richter who continually insisted they separate themselves from the Schirato and Yell’s tomb Communication and Culture, opting to pull quotes from selected philosophers within the book rather than the book itself. The only thought this writer has is Mr. Richter believed he should demonstrate what he learned, not how he learned it.

The real low-light for Invisiweb’s presentation came when Mr. Richter attempted to link ideology to several corporate products, the most “scrape the barrel” of which was something he referred to as: “Facon”–a product  this writer and his crack team of fact checkers have yet to locate.

Once Mr. Richter yielded the floor to Mr. Nielsen the presentation blossomed.

Mr. Nielsen guided the group through Old Spice commercial, carefully selecting images from the commercial to depict what ideology was, and showcasing the hidden subtleties behind what each of the symbols, within the commercial represented.

Mr. Stone brought the entire show home, enticing the crowd with poignant discussion and follow-up questions.

Overall, this was a good presentation, perhaps next time more care might be executed towards the end rather than the lackluster beginning.


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