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24/09/2010 / Lynn Rabbitts

An Introduction (of sorts)

Dear Gentle Communicators,

Having recently acquired my copy of Communication and Culture, An Introduction (Sage, 2000) by the scribes Tony Schirato and Susan Yell, I immediately flip to the last page. This is a habit that has always annoyed me, needing to know how many pages I am getting myself into–a knee jerk reaction to the summer I spent reading Cervantes’ Don Quixote.

I am immediately horrified. Not including the  glossary, bib or glossary, Schirato and Yell’s “tome” comes in at a slim 186 pages (Minnesota Math puts this at 30 cents a page, but that is Minnesota Math). At 186 pages this is less a book and more like a pamphlet.

Still, credit where credit is due. Many fine novellas have been penned by writers who were able to conserve their words so eloquently their sentences dripped off the page like the fat from a plump Christmas goose. Also, Cervantes surely could’ve used an editor to trim down the 982 pages my Penguin Classics edition has… sigh. Still, a very fine book everyone should read. That written, I have no idea how I’m going to stick at 250 words for this either.

As a last note, in honour of our proud members of the Commonwealth, who penned this book, the “non-canon” writings here included and forward, for this blog, shall use the King’s Good English for spelling.

So now let us crack the first page and delve into the world of communication.

Excelsior, dear reader!

Your faithful narrator, and as always,



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